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Air Conditioning Repair

Problems with your Air Conditioning system? Call the experts!

Air Comfort and Refrigeration Services has repaired air conditioning systems in Bloomfield, for over 30 years. We service both residential and commercial air conditioning systems and are known for our fast response times and high-quality workmanship.

Proper Air Conditioning Diagnostics

A major flaw in traditional Air Conditioning repair is rushing to conclusions about what’s causing a determined issue. This often leads to expensive parts being replaced and the problem cropping up soon after the AC repair is finished.

We take a very different approach to fixing Air Conditioning systems. Our skilled technicians execute a thorough diagnostics process to locate the exact source of the issue, so it can be addressed right on the spot.

Air Conditioning post-job testing:

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality. To ensure that the work we’ve done is up to our expectations and that you’re air conditioning system is going to run reliably, we run a series of post-job tests. That way you can rest assured that your AC issue will be completely solved. Our commitment to quality allows us to stand firmly behind the work we do.

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