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Air Ducts

Customized ducts improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems

At Air Comfort & Refrigeration, we have been installing custom air ducts for all air conditioning and heating systems for over 30 years. We serve both commercial and residential buildings in Bloomfield and all surrounding areas.

Why your Air Ducts matter

Air ducts deliver and distribute conditioned air throughout the entire building in an even fashion. Therefore, it is essential to properly design an air duct system that moves the air along in an efficient manner. Our duct systems are completely sealed and have customized headers (fittings) to improve the flow of climatized air to all of your building’s rooms.

Some traditional HVAC contractors approach air ducts as an afterthought. This is a major mistake. Improperly ducted air conditioning and heating systems fail to deliver on their stated efficiency settings and leave whole sections of a building at uncomfortable temperatures. We view ducts as a natural extension of efficient the overall mechanical equipment and work hard to install duct systems that boost efficiency and comfort.

Custom Air Ducts for your building

We fabricate custom ducts that are designed to fit perfectly into your building. Doing so allows your air ducts to distribute conditioned air efficiently throughout your building without compromising its architectural beauty.

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